Zenfolio | Sean Alexander, Ph.D. | 2012 Weddings
David and Christine Torres (Married 03/03/2012)Efrain and Joanna Solivan (Married 03/31/2012)Vincent and Tineka Lopes (Married 03/31/2012)Ryan and Christina Miller (Married 04/07/2012)Joey and Karima Valenti (Married 04/08/2012)Robert and Meera Boris, Jr. (Married 04/15/2012)Marcus and Olga Decker (Married 04/30/2012)William and Jamie Molesky (Married 05/04/2012)Craig and Karen Yorty (Married 05/05/2012)Kenneth and Aimee Tieu (Married 05/05/2012)Diego and Daniela Proano (Married 05/11/2012)Michael and Catherine Stone (Married 05/12/2012)Anthony and Laura Simpson (Married 05/19/2012)Seth and Natalie Welner (Married 05/20/2012)Marcus and Olga Decker (Married 05/26/2012)Christopher and Ericka Grande (Married 05/27/2012)Hansen and Elizabeth Champlin (Married 06/01/2012)Private Wedding (Married 06/03/2012)Hugo and Jeniffer Castillo (Married 06/08/2012)