Zenfolio | Sean Alexander, Ph.D. | 2011 Weddings
Michael and Jennifer Zarrella (Married 11/11/2011)James and Melissa Fonda (Married 11/11/2011)Neil and Judith Thorpe (Married 07/02/2011)James and Melissa Fonda (Married 11/12/2011)Matthew and Nicole Maslak (Married 11/13/2011)Tobias and Katherine Heck (Married 11/16/2011)Kevin and Cindy Pierce (Married 11/18/2011)Michael and Laura Hammel (Married 11/18/2011)Michael and Karina MacDougall (Married 11/20/2011)Tobias and Celeste Westram (Married 11/23/2011)Terrence and Liliana Byrne (Married 11/26/2011)Dr. John and Marjorie Mills (Married 12/03/2011)Michael and Kristina Vissa (Married 12/02/2011)Cedric and Melissa Ragsdale (Married 12/10/2011)John and Diana Jennings (Married 12/11/2011)Adam and Dorothy Richards (Married 12/17/2011)Jorge and Erika Pena (Married 12/17/2011)Sergio and Erika Giusti (Married 12/18/2011)Ronald and Rebecca Taylor (Married 12/23/2011)